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What the heck is Heart & Hustle? Sounds fancy!

Heart & Hustle is a Mentorship Mastermind I designed specifically to help badass birth workers (like you!) make the money they deserve, doing something they love. 

A unique learning experience that forges purpose and profit! Burn out and turn over rates for birth workers are borderline outrageous. The vast majority of newly accredited professionals fall off the radar in less than a year. 


Because so many are left high and dry after training, treading water because they lack the business savvy to propel their new careers to success.

 I know because I have been there, and it sucks. But from that lack of support I created something I am so proud of. Something that has the potential to transform the lives of birth workers worldwide. I used (and use!) ALL of the material I am teaching today. The same strategy, awareness and compassion that has multiplied my profit by 30 times. The same principles, tools, and tricks that have attracted awards, accolades, television appearances and remarkable experiences with amazing families. 

Today, I pour from a cup that is always full. 

Today, I feel valued and respected. 

Today, I am comfortable receiving money for my life's work because I know I deserve it.

Today, I feel confident navigating the highs and lows of such emotional work because I feel prepared and capable.

I want you to feel this way, too!

After being on the receiving end of many inquiries from frustrated Doulas who needed advice on how to run their businesses, I decided to launch a kick ass program that could really make a difference to new business owners in the birth industries. And voila, this is how Heart & Hustle was born.

So, is this like, Doula training?

Nope, not even close. Although you will probably learn a ton about Doulas, this is a program designed to help you build the birth business of your dreams. You need to be a Doula or planning to train to become a Doula, in order for you to get serious about the business stuff in here. 

Who would this mentorship work for?

Midwives, Childbirth Educators, Doulas, Photographers, Placenta Encapsulators, Specialty Practitioners ( Calmbirth, Hypnobirthing, etc.), Babywearing Consultants, Massage Therapy, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists...the list goes on and on!

If you work with women, babies and their families at some stage in pregnancy, birth or the post-natal period AND you are feeling lost/frustrated/confused about all things setting up a birth need to be here

If you trying to grow your biz and take it to the infamous next need to be here. If you haven't formally trained in any birth field, but want to start planning are amazing and I love how organised you are!! And yes, you too,should definitely be here

If you aren't motivated or committed to creating a business that blows your mind every day for the rest of your should not be here. If you are negative and find joy in tearing others should not be here.

If you are terrified of change, look at money as the enemy, afraid of being vulnerable, and feel like a fraud...

you should totally be here and join right NOW!

LISTEN to the Webinar about Heart & Hustle NOW! 1 hour - totally FREE - Totally AWESOME! Put your lady boss pants on, grab a coffee and your journal - get inspired. Want to join my mentorship? 

What do  I cover?

  • Show me the real you
  • Getting intimate with your wildest dreams
  • Unlocking your true potential
  • Figuring out a profitable business idea
  • Choosing and registering business name
  • Nailing your vision and mission statements
  • Creating the perfect elevator pitch
  • Making the ultimate vision board
  • Learn how to crunch goals and manifest some serious $$ magic
  • Identifying your perfect customer and learning to speak their language
  • Website essentials
  • Branding like a true champion
  • Packages and Pricing
  • How to get moves like Jagger in your client meetings
  • Creating kickass content
  • Getting familiar with passive and active income
  • Learn how to work social media like a pro
  • 30 Day Marketing Challenge to help get you familiar with strategies that work in this industry
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Heart & Hustle Monthly Payment Plan
Number of payments 4
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$200.00 AUD
Every 1 month (x 3)$200.00 AUD
Total $800.00 AUD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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If I join the party, what can I expect?

Lifetime access to the my exclusive, super interactive Facebook group ' The Heart & Hustle Lounge for Ladybosses' (Valued at $300 per year!)

6 weeks of dynamic, engaging content in both the FB group and your inbox.

Over 70 pages worth of fabulous content that will have you jumping out of your chair with delight and madness. The workbook is forever being evolving, and guess what? You get FOREVER rights to the updated versions, too!

Super detailed worksheets to get you thinking (and acting) like the rockstar birth business owner you are!

Unwavering support & guidance to get you from A-Z - confidently & enthusiastically. Choosing a business name, branding, marketing and more - I have got you covered, babe!

Hot tips, tools, tricks and effective strategies you can start putting into action right away. I'll even set you up with two of my special '5 Point Planning Sessions' to get you goal crunchin' like a boss!

2 hours of 1-on-1 time with me to both inspire and kick your butt into gear! Expect lots of laughter, honesty and warm internet hugs. (4 x 30 minute calls Valued at 350$!)

A constant flow of live videos, webinars, and digital goodies for you to dig in to on the regular!

Plus, a TON of encouragement and positive juju coming straight from me and the other women in our group. Not only will you be surrounded by like minded people to lift you up, but you will be benefiting massively from an incredible collective of wisdom & experience. ( Valued at totally priceless!)

Sounds rad - but let's chat $$$. How much will it cost me?

Your investment is a cool one time payment of $650. And because I love ya, I made payment plans available for all the wanna be lady bosses in the house. 4 monthly payments of $200 will secure a spot in whatever Round you choose. Considering how much you're getting - this is a no-brainer steal of a deal. I can pinky promise you that registration fees will only ever increase, so join the club now to make sure you get it at this price point!

This is right up my alley - SIGN ME UP! 

Excellent, sensei! Click through to the checkout button that works for you. Once payment is received, I will send through a delicious email with all the deets.

So looking forward to watching you blossom,


P.S Still not convinced? Head on over to the Audio Archives and listen to one of the webinars. If that still doesn't motivate you, shoot me an email with any questions you may have!